By Magnus Carlsen


Welcome to the official Bongcloud NFT collection, by Magnus Carlsen.


The collection

69 unique games played by Magnus Carlsen (alias DrGrekenstein), featuring different variations of the Bongcloud and the Greek openings.

Games will be published regularly until the collection is complete with 69 games.

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Magnus Carlsen vs chessbrahs
Magnus Carlsen vs chessbrahs


Magnus & Ludwig vs The Botez sisters

I teamed up with Ludwig to play hand-and-brain against the Botez sisters on Twitch. Unfortunately, we lost this one!


Magnus Carlsen vs Schaefchen
on auction


Magnus Carlsen vs Watneg

The classical Greek (1. f3 followed by 2. Kf2) against the strong anonymous GM Watneg.


Magnus Carlsen vs Mikhail Demidov

A funny opening against Mikhail Demidov alias funny_chess.


Magnus Carlsen vs Lawrence Trent

An early rook swing against the one and only Lawrence Trent!


Magnus Carlsen vs Andrew Tang

My first Bongcloud game against the famous GM Andrew Tang, played in 2018!


Magnus Carlsen vs Johan-Sebastian Christiansen

Brought my king out early against fellow Norwegian Johan-Sebastian Christiansen.

“Really excited to share my artistic vision. Hope you will like it!”

Magnus Carlsen

World Champ. Artist.